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The Kyrakampen Round (13,5 or 14,5 km)


An ideal evening ride on the day of arrival. Suitable in both directions – each with its own very special characteristics.  Anti-clockwise you may have to push your bike up some of the climbs, but you can then enjoy a fun and challenging trail leading east towards Austlid Fjellstue.

Clockwise the route is relatively technical, and offers adrenaline-fuelled rides down fun and winding, but very steep, segments. An alternative is to take the turn-off halfway down the hill (before the steepest section), and continue towards Einstadsetra. For some more off-road biking when you get to the bottom, follow the signs for the Rustuen Round (Rudstuenrunden) as you reach the road. You will then avoid the gravel, and can enjoy a few more kilometres of hard-packed track. This will also take you past the welcoming Skeistua mountain-farm café offering sour-cream waffles and well-deserved cold drinks.

Route description:

Start at the track-log point by Trisnippsetra, or by Skeikampen Velkomstsenter. From Skeikampen Velkomstsenter, follow the way-marked walking route "S3 Knutsholoa" past Paradis and then turn left onto Veslesetervegen towards Austlid Fjellstue.

Continue along Veslesetervegen, and turn left at the crossroads by lake Veslesetervannet. Follow "Vegen rundt vatnet" for a few hundred metres, and then turn off onto the trail halfway up the hill. This is a climb most people opt to walk. At the top of the hill, follow the dirt track for approx. 200 m and then turn left onto the trail. After another 200 m, turn left onto the road. The trail to Kyrakampen starts at the end of the road.

Follow this trail past lake Ulvtjønnet and all the way up. From the top, there is a steep descent to the north-east where you ride past two small tarns and then head over the edge. Enjoy speeding down this segment as it gradually becomes more and more challenging.

For a more gentle downhill experience, turn left at the signposted trail junction just after the first steep section.

As you reach the road, turn left at the first crossroads and then, after approx. 100 m, turn right onto a new trail signposted Rudstuenrunden.

Continue across the Nisjua river and Svahellmyra marshes and onto the dirt track on the other side. Follow the track up the hill, turn right at the first junction, and then turn right again at the bend after Bruvangsetra.

This is the final section of the route used for Bukkerittet MTB race.  Follow the track for 150 m, and then take the trail at the last bend. Continue across river Skeiselva and almost all the way up to the Peer Gynt Route. Turn right onto the trail by the pipe trench, and follow this to the car park. Continue along the Peer Gynt Route past (or to) Skeistua, and then down to Skeikampen Velkomstsenter.

(Source: Kippernes, Kristoffer. Stisykling i Norge, 2014).



Allgemeine Einrichtungen

  • freies Parken


  • 2 Stunden


  • Farblich markierte Wanderwege (Schwierigkeitsgrad)
  • anspruchsvolle

Natur und Landschaft

  • bergiges Terrain
  • Gesamtaufstieg
  • Kies
  • kleinen Pfad
  • Kulturlandschaft
  • Wald
  • Weg


  • juni
  • juli
  • august
  • september
  • oktober
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The Kyrakampen Round (13,5 or 14,5 km) zu Ihrer Route hinzufügen

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