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  • The entrance at MENT
  • Cofee cup from Ment
  • Different products from the Ment collection
  • Ment tea pot
  • "Kråkebolle" from Ment
  • Outside the factory Ment
  • Ment coffe cups in different colors
  • Ment | the factory shop
  • Ment | the factory shop
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  • Ment | Production of products
  • Ment | Production of products
  • Ment | Production of products
  • Ment | Production of products
  • Ment | Production of products


The Factory Store
MENT Factory is a creative sanctuary located between Lillehammer and Hunderfossen. In what was once the world's oldest "wooden ski" factory, you can experience Norwegian design and handmade porcelain products, embraced by interior enthusiasts both domestically and internationally. Here, you can shop in the factory store, witness the production process, find inspiration in the rich gallery, enjoy the beautiful lush garden, or simply sit down and take in the sight of the green Gudbrandsdalslågen river, which has inspired the unique Ment colors.

MENT's vision is to create products that captivate the user's senses and inspire a desire to cherish and build their own unique collection of handmade products.

Learn more:

Book a Factory Visit:
Explore the craftsmanship, hear the story, and see the design lab. Ment takes you inside the production facilities, tells you more about what was once the world's first "wooden ski" factory, and shows that Ment products are actually "born in Fåberg." Bring your friends and family for an inspiring tour of Ment's little big universe in Fåberg.

Learn more about visiting Ment here (Norwegian site) // Booking at

Ment is especially proud of its craftsmen who, with experience, patience, and a steady hand, create cups, plates, bowls, and much more. Ment is happy to take you inside the production process and provide more information about it.

The Gallery:
At Ment's Gallery, you can see exhibitions featuring:
- Special designs for the famous restaurant "Under"
- Special designs for Omakase by Alex Cabiao
- Special designs for Brimi Eventyr.
We showcase concept ideas and prototypes. You can also find inspiring table settings here.

The Factory Garden:
Just below the factory store, a lush garden stretches all the way to the Lågen river. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the river flow slowly by, and it is often here that ideas for new Ment products flourish. Take a moment to catch your breath!

Product Development:
Inside the factory store, you will find Ment's design lab. This is where all products are sketched, tested, and developed, with nature as the greatest source of inspiration.




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    • Lenka H
      Carlisle, Vereinigtes Königreich
      Mandatory Visit if you like ceramics 🙂
      5 der 5 sterne
      Donnerstag, 12 Oktober 2023
      Beautiful hand made ceramics store & "factory" set in a tranquil location. Gallery displays on the ground floor & store with coffee corner upstairs. The owners are incredibly kind, welcoming peaceful ... Lesen Sie die vollständige gesamtwertung
    • Lars Erik E
      Great tour. Amazing products.
      5 der 5 sterne
      Samstag, 4 November 2023
      We got the full tour and it was very interesting. Amazing place and products. Very interesting to see how sustainability and local production is a key element in the integrated process. Lesen Sie die vollständige gesamtwertung
    • Daniel H
      Amazing shop with unique design.
      5 der 5 sterne
      Donnerstag, 16 November 2023
      Amazing shop with unique design. The personal is making you feel very much welcome and is very helpful. This is a place we’ll always make sure to stop by when we’re passing by 😃 Lesen Sie die vollständige gesamtwertung


    Saison (14 Aug 2023 - 31 Dez 2023)
    Montag - MittwochGeschlossen
    Donnerstag16:00 - 20:00
    Freitag - Samstag12:00 - 16:00

    * General Opening Text

    Kontaktiere uns

    Tel.: (+47) 909 32 860

    Elvefaret 16
    2625 Fåberg

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